If you have the time, there are several great one day travel options from Tokyo that take one outside the city and into the country side - whether it be to the seaside, into the mountains, or to another city. Also possible are overnight jaunts to distant places - the bullet train making even far away places doable. Almost every town and city has a network of buses, trains and taxis making almost anywhere visitable.

YOKOHAMADay Trip Map B-3

Yokohama is only 30 minutes from Tokyo and makes an excellent day trip. Most visitors get off at Minato-mirai subway station since it is a trendy area near the waterfront, and the lively Chinatown area is nearby.

ACCESS: From NAKAMEGURO Station take the Tokyu-Toyoko line express, continue past Yokohama station and get off at Minato-mirai station.

KYOTODay Trip Map A-4

Is a day trip to Kyoto possible? The short answer - yes - if you can be on an early bullet train heading south, you can be in Kyoto before noon and have a whole afternoon to check out Japan's ancient capital.

ACCESS: From TOKYO or SHINAGAWA Stations. The last bullet trains return to Tokyo about 7pm. The trip takes about three and a half hours.

NIKKODay Trip Map B-2

Nikko is an excellent option to see ancient temples and shrines deep into the mountains. There are various shrines, temples, tombs, huge torii gates, and halls with collections of temple treasures.

ACCESS: Take the Limited Express train on the Tobu Nikko line from ASAKUSA Station. The ride takes about two hours.

KAMAKURADay Trip Map B-3

Kamakura, the one time capital of Japan, is a great day trip. The most famous site is the 11.4 meter tall, 850 ton bronze 'Great Buddha' statue. There are many other temples and shrines, and a beach.

ACCESS: From SHINAGAWA Station take the Yokosuka line to Kamakura Station. The trip takes under an hour. To get to the Daibutsu, take bus no. 7 from Kamakura Stn, and get off at Daibutsu-mae bus stop.

KAWAGOEDay Trip Map B-2

Less than an hour train ride, Kawagoe is an Edo-era city with old temples, shopping streets and a time bell tower. It is a great place to get out of Tokyo and see a historical side of Japan. There are also many traditional restaurants.

ACCESS: From IKEBUKURO Station take the Tobu Tojo Express line and get there in 31 minutes.

HAKONEDay Trip Map B-3

Hakone is a mountain area of hot springs and lakes. Most people go for overnight stay at a traditional inn or onsen, but a quick day trip is also possible. Recommended is the 'Hakone Free Pass' offered by Odakyu train lines.

ACCESS: From SHINJUKU Station take the Odakyu line to Hakone-Yumoto Station in about 90 mins.

CHIBA - Onjuku BeachDay Trip Map C-3

Chiba is a huge peninsula East of Tokyo. Closer are bedroom communities, the rest is farms, rocky coasts and several good beaches - among the best is Onjuku beach near Onjuku station. It's about an hour train ride.

ACCESS: For Onjuku beach, take the Keiyo Line Rapid train from HATCHOBORI Station to Soga station, then transfer to the Sotobo line and take it toward Awa-kamogawa station.


Yamanashi is on the far side of Mt. Fuji. It's a back country area of farms, a lakes, natural terrain and heritage sites. There are nice lodges and an abundance of onsens with views of Mt. Fuji.

ACCESS: Most visitors go to Kawaguchi-ko station by highway bus from SHINJUKU station, then use local transport.

SAWARADay Trip Map C-3

Sawara is a quaint town with a central district known as 'Little Edo' because of it traditional look. Bridges cross the many canals and there is a museum dedicated to maps of Japan made during Edo times.

ACCESS: From TOKYO Station take the JR Sobu line to Narita Station, then change to the JR Narita line to Sawara. The historical area is a 15 minute walk.


The Izu peninsula is a mountainous area of rocky coasts, onsens, and verdant green. The northern part with Atami station can be reached under an hour, but most visitors go south and spend a night near the historical town of Shimoda.

ACCESS: ATAMI station is less than an hour from Tokyo on the bullet train, or about 2 hours away on the JR Tokaido line. Shimoda takes about 4 hours.

SHIZUOKADay Trip Map A-4

Shizuoka is the name of the prefecture and the largest city. Its an area of farms, small towns nestled in valleys and a long coastline. The city is neat and tidy and good to use as a base to explore.

ACCESS: Shizuoka station is about 90 minutes south from Tokyo by bullet train. Buses take about 4 hours.

NAGANODay Trip Map A-2

Nagano is a mountainous area full of great hikes, ski areas, rivers and all types of outdoor things. It's possible for a day trip, but as it takes over 2 hours, most people go overnight.

ACCESS: From TOKYO station take the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet) train. The trip takes about 2.5 hours.

MITODay Trip Map C-2

Mito is a pleasant city up the coast in Ibaraki prefecture. Top draws include the Kairaku-en Gardens, several cool museums, Lake Senba, and various shrines and temples.

ACCESS: From UENO Station take the Super Hitachi Joban express train to Mito station - travel time is about 1.5 hours.

KUSATSUDay Trip Map B-2

One of the most famous hot spring resort areas near Tokyo - Kusatsu is deep in the mountains in Gunma prefecture, and a great place to check out. During the winter there are also ski areas.

ACCESS: From UENO station limited express trains to Naganohara -Kusatsuguchi Station takes about 2.5 hours. Highway buses take about 4 hours.


Hakuba is where the 1998 Winter Olympics were held and is a beautiful area of mountains, streams, onens and stunning vistas. Most people go overnight since the trip takes 3+ hours.

ACCESS: From TOKYO station take the Hokuriku Shinkansen train to Nagano (100 min). Highway buses depart from the west side of Shinjuku station.


At the end of the Izu penisula, three hours by train from Tokyo, Shimoda is a port town with good beaches nearby. Commodore Perry first anchored here on his visit in 1853 opening Japan to the world.

ACCESS: Most convenient way is from TOKYO Station take the 'Odoriko' train to Izukyu-Shimoda station (2.5 hours).


The first in a chain of volcanic islands which stretch south from Tokyo, Oshima is pretty big and offers a campgrounds, fresh seafood and ocean activities it is a popular weekend retreat.

ACCESS: High-speed ferries leave from Shimode pier near HAMMATSUCHO station - (2~ hours). Slower boats take about 6 hours. Flights are also available.


Yuzawa is the southern part of Niigata prefecture, and full of mountains, onsens, and the great outdoors. It is a very popular ski area because of its close proximity to Tokyo.

ACCESS: From TOKYO Station take the Joetsu Shinkansen train to Echigo-Yuzawa station. The trip takes about 1.5 hours..


Niigata is a pleasant town on the Japan Sea. Highlights include the many city parks, temples and old traditional buildings - seafood - and the surrounding mountains.

ACCESS: From TOKYO Station take the Joetsu Shinkansen bullet train direct to Niigata station. Travel time is about 2 hours.


Fukushima is an agricultural prefecture of small towns and pleasant villages. Outside of the devistated tsunami areas, it is a tranquil easy-going place.

ACCESS: From TOKYO Station take the Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train - travel time abour 1.5 hours. By local trains require several transfers and takes about 5 hours.