Tokyo doesn't have just one downtown - instead it has many station areas throughout the city that by themselves are bustling communities, each with their own attractions, shopping districts and nightlife areas. Part of the fun of visiting Tokyo is checking out the different neighborhoods and discovering their different styles and vibe. Click the tabs below for info on some of the top shopping and nightlife areas in Tokyo.


Shibuya is the trendy shopping area for Tokyo's youth, where fashions and styles get started for all of Japan. It's a vibrant, always moving place, with a variety of department stores, fashion shops, cinemas, restaurants and bars. Shopping in Shibuya can be either upscale luxury stores or fun wacky cheap places. On weekends it becomes extremely crowded, so take care if you have small children. Click above tab for Shibuya map and listings!


Harajuku is fashionable busy sidewalks and winding back streets with eclectic shops and zany pop fashions. Be sure to take a walk down Tokyo's teenage street - Takeshita-dori - right in front of Harajuku JR Station. Harajuku is a great place to start any shopping adventure as Shibuya, Aoyama and Omotesando are all within walking distance. Click on the above tab for Harajuku map and shop listings!


Ginza is the the ritziest shopping area in Tokyo with multi-storied luxury brand places, large department stores, and back streets full of smaller boutiques and shops. Nearby is the Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, Hanarikyu park, and the Marunouchi neighborhood. Click on the above tab for Ginza map and listings!


Shinjuku is one of Tokyo's busiest areas, with over 3 million people a day using the station. To the west are the Tokyo government offices, hotels and skyscrapers. The East side is the main shopping and entertainment area. A short walk north-east is Kabukicho. Click the tabe above for Shinjuku map and listings!


Roppongi is Tokyo's top nightlife area for foreigners with clubs and bars all around the station area and the main strip. Nearby there are also the Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Mid-Town office complexes, offering great shopping and restaurants. Tokyo Tower is a 20 minute walk away. Click above tab for Roppongi map and listings!


Ueno offers both shopping and culture. To the North-West of the station is a spacious park area with several large museums, including the National Museum and the Ueno zoo; South there are several large department stores, a batch of restaurants and the 'Ameyoko' shopping district.


Shinagawa is a busy office area, with several hotels and bullet train access at its large spacious station. There isn't so much to do in Shinagawa, but it has direct trains to many of the other major stations. Click on the tab above for Shinagawa map and listings!


Whatever electronic device you are looking for, you'll find it at one of the numerous stores devoted to electric gadgetry in this always crowded area also known as 'Denki (Electric) Town'. Akihabara has also become the center of 'otaku' culture (Japanese anime and manga), so some shops are a bit naughty. Click above tab for Akihabara map and listings!


Ikebukuro has all you need, big malls, shopping streets and an entertainment area. Click above tab for Ikebukuro map and listings!