Almost any station in Tokyo will have a few drinking places and izakayas, and all major stations have restaurants and a bar district, but for a real night out, with lots of clubs, dance places, and a party atmosphere, you'll probably want to choose either Roppongi or Shibuya. Roppongi is the top nightlife area for Tokyo, with an international vibe, and most places have English speaking staff and menus. Shibuya has many fun places, but is less international. Nishi-Azabu and Shinjuku both have some decent bars and clubs too. Click below tabs for maps and listings!


Shibuya is one of Tokyo's nightlife centers, and offers plenty of bars, dance clubs and late night places. There are all types of establishments, from small izakayas to big sports bars and English pubs. Shibuya tends to attract a younger crowd. Click on the above tab for Shibuya area map and listings for some of Shibuya's best bars and clubs.


Roppongi is the center for foreigner night-life in Tokyo, and the top nightlife area in Tokyo. There are Hip-Hop clubs, Salsa and Latin dance places, and places to groove and unwind. On fridays and saturdays the main strip is one large party zone. Click the above tab for Roppongi area map and listings for some of Roppongi's best bars and clubs.


Shinjuku has a good number of bars and restaurants and is a decent place to go drinking and eating. A 10 min walk North-East is Kabukicho, one of Tokyo's red-light districts, and also nearby is 'Golden-Gai' - a ramshackle area of tiny bars. Click on the above tab for an area map and listings for some of Shinjuku's best bars and clubs.


Just down the road from Roppongi station, the Nishi-azabu neighborhood is quieter, but has quite a number of late night clubs and bars. Click the above tab for Nishi-Azabu map and listings for some of Nishi-Azabu's best bars and clubs.